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E-Signature.IO is a simple online free tool to help you easily draw your signature or type your signature to sign different contracts and documents.



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Are you the one who wants to sign different contracts and documents without having the documents in your hand? If so, then you can use our Signature Creator, Signature maker, or signature generator. It is an online tool that can help out in personalizing your signature. It is the most effective and fastest way of signing whatever you want.


With the help of a Mouse, Mobile device, Tablet, or Touchpad, you can easily draw your signature and save it into a PDF file. Moreover, you have the option to select the angle, Width, and color of the signature.


Simply type in the signature and the platform will show you various designs of Signature on the screen. Now, select the one that looks good to you. Interestingly, the Platform provides you the option of Selecting Handwriting or Sans-serif features based on your decisions. Also, you can select the colors in the signature to make it look good.


First of all, you have the option to create an electronic signature online through a free, fast, and simple tool. After that, it allows you to download, send, sign, edit, or customize the electronic signature with the help of a laptop or cellphone. Apart from that, you can consider various other advantages of using it.


The online or electronic signature restricts all the reasons for alteration in your signature that keeps you safe from getting into any crime of signing criminal-minded documents. Every electronic signature comes with a protective seal that initially alerts you about any modification made to it. So, it is always a safe option for you.


You don't need to print a file and sign it and again scan the file. With the help of the tool, you can easily sign the documents at once and then send them to others through email. So, it will take less time to sign the documents.


You don't need to print the documents to manually sign them. The whole procedure is simple and it can save a lot of your money, which is amazing.


The Global and National ACT (ESIGN), it is an American law that says the use of electronic signatures or electronic records is legal. It is the core example for anyone reading this part on our website that they can easily avail the use of e-signature for business or personal purposes throughout the world. In general, different countries have set up different laws for e-signatures. However, the majority of the countries do accept e-signatures. But, you need to ensure whether your country allows the e-signature on documents and contracts or not. Based on that, you can consider the for your legal documents or contracts.


The easiest way to sign the documents with the help of is to first create the e-signature with the help of two important features, Typing, and Drawing. After that, you need to save the Signature on our device. Whenever you want to sign a document or contract, you can simply use that signature in the signature area. However, you need to know that the document or contract has to be in digital format so you can easily use the e-signature on it. Otherwise, you couldnot use the e-signature on the hard-format papers.



An Electronic or Digital signature is a process by which online documents are signed. On the other hand, the handwritten signature made with the help of a pen and used on a hard copy paper is known as the wet signature.


The most important Laws such as EU Directive 1999/99/EC, and ESIGN/UETA in the USA, make the use of Digital or E-signature legal and valid similar to the Wet Signature for legal documents. Therefore, it holds a lot of importance these days in several countries and it has become a necessity for a lot of people.


As per various international regulations, it is not considered legal. The UETA and ESIGN say that you have to consider legally binding e-signatures for the authoritative documents. Only typing the name and considering clicking on the submit button isn't the best practice at all. Why? Because it tends to create several issues because of the Rules and regulations set up about it. Below are a few reasons that can help you to understand it in a better way.

  1. First of all, just typing your name in the signature or just attaching the file on a form is not authoritative. There is always a method where the signatures are fully verified based on what a person has put on it. If you just type your name, the signature will become universal and anyone can type the same from their side. So, there would be no authority left to the signature at all.

  1. Whenever you upload an online PDF or document, the document that you have uploaded has to be truly tied with the e-signatures themselves. In this way, anyone who is changing the information from the document can easily analyze it on the spot and you will remain safe from any sort of issues, which is very important to understand.

E-Signature Core Benefits for Industries:

Across Industries, everybody has to sign different types of documents that are concerned with clients and business processes. So, the use of E-signature can make various benefits for industries people. But, what are those core benefits? Let's talk about them in the below sections.

No Time and Location Restrictions:

You have the option of creating the signature at any time and any place without any hurdles. Whether you believe it or not, work from home has become a norm in the current century. Why? Well, the 2019 pandemic situation has transformed various industries to continue their services without coming to the office. It has helped a lot of the industry owners in terms of minimizing the investments in hefty office maintenance. Just like a person doesn't need to be in the physical location, similarly, the person doesn't need to have the documents on-hand to sign it. Everything can be done with the help of an E-Signature. Moreover, various clients have various timings of work, so there would be no reason for you to think about the timings to sign the signature, which is amazing.

Good Experience:

The experience of an e-signature can't be measured or equalized with the one that is done on the physical document. Being a customer, you can easily sign on a lot of your daily life documents by just creating a one-time e-signature and saving it on your smart device, laptop, or PC. Every time you have to sign the documents, you can do it by just pasting the signature onto the desired section and let your work done. It's a better source of building trust, which is a positive thing.

Work Flow Gets better:

The workflow gets better when you consider the e-signatures formula for signing the documents. In other words, for the one who has access to the electronic documents and who has signed it, every detail will show up to you, which makes the entire procedure quite meaningful and easier.

Key Foundations of Signatures:

Whatever way a person considers to sign its name, it reflects the personality a person attains. In other words, the universal key foundations are there that tell about the type of personality a person holds whenever signing the document. So, let's take a look at the key foundations.


Different peoples have different ideas in their minds when considering a signature for themselves. If you are trying to create a sort of sign that is incomplete; it shows that you are an independent person. Alongside, the incomplete signature also refers to a personality that is conservative and doesn't want to appear that open to the public. On the other hand, a person with a complete name or nickname on the signature considers one who is quite open about their life and is more confident towards daily life activities.


The second important foundation of a signature is legibility. As a person, if you have considered a signature name that is very much viewable, then you have a legible signature. On the other hand, if you have considered a signature name that is very difficult to read or understand, it shows that you have considered illegibility into it. Illegibility doesn't consider a negative thing at all, it's all about analyzing the personality of the person.


Three different angles have been initialized by the experts into a Signature such as Straight, Descending, and Ascending. These three angles pretty much tell about the type of personality you contains as a person. So, it's good to understand what all three angles pretty much say about it.

Straight: The Straight angle signatures define the personality of the person as Organized, Well-mannered, and balanced.

Descending: The descending angle signature tells the personality of the person as more focused on the activities happening in life. In other words, such signature holders tend to be more on avoiding fewer risks in their life.

Ascending: The last Angle of the signature tells the personality of the person as a creative one. Yes, such a type of person tends to have some ambitions in their life and wants to do something outstanding.


The spacing words refer to the personality situations where a person wants to be a bit far from other people. In other words, the more spacing a person considers in the signature names, it tells that he/she doesn't want to be that closer to others. Just like in normal life, there are two types of persons; such as introverts and extroverts. Here, more spacing shows that a person is introverted but less spacing shows the opposite, extrovert.


Many peoples tend to do the signature with light pressure on the paper. On the other hand, many people put a lot of pressure at the time of signature. With light pressure, the lines tend to be lighter and the more pressure gets darker lines. In both situations, the personality of the person in a normal life varies. The one who is considering more pressure into the signature tends to have very strong sentiments in their real life and tends to do the tasks quickly. On the other hand, the light-pressure peoples tend to have tolerance and calmness in their personality.


If you have an outgoing and friendly personality, you tend to have a signature with large letters on it. On the other hand, peoples who are shy and quiet tend to have small size letters on their signatures. Both of the size types have their pros and cons in the personality of a person.


The last important foundation of the Signature is the Style. In the real life, different peoples have different styles, which can easily be analyzed. Passionate and creative-type personalities tend to have a more glossy and stylish type of signature.

If a person is using symbols in the signature; it tells about the personality as self-made and conservative or someone who stays serious in life. Meanwhile, the signature that ends with a flick tends to show the personality of the person as energetic.

Determinations in the personality of persons can be considered with the signature that has long lines into it. Moreover, those signatures that have underlines into it portray the personality as proud.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Common questions around eSignatures Maker or Creator with the word online implies that it’s an online tool platform where anyone can come and create their online signature after saving it in a relevant format. After that, they can easily sign important documents or contracts without being on the location. The person can save it directly to their computer and use it whenever it’s needed.

Yes, we have provided both options for the visitors to create a signature. Depending on your needs, you can create the signature.

The Online or looks the same as the paper signature. We have provided some extra options for the signature that can help you to make it look as real as possible.

All you need is to create an account on and create your online signature for free.

Throughout the world, e-signatures are legal in various industries. You can even use them in legal and court processes without any hurdles. Moreover, it works as a wet ink even if it's created online.

You have no barriers or restrictions for signing the documents. After downloading our signatures, you are good to sign the documents without any need to say others. Our Signature creating tool makes it much easier and better for the users to create signatures and sign them on any document they want.

In normal life, the majority of people try to keep their signature hidden from different people so no one can copy it. Similarly, there would be many people who may think that creating a signature on this platform is either good or not. For their concerns, we would say that not a single signature would be kept on our system to respect the privacy of the visitor. Neither the Third-party nor our team members, no one has that access to see what kind of signature you have created on the platform.

When you are using the Signature maker software like, you don’t have to keep a paper record. With our tool, everything is provided to you where you can easily sign with the digital signature on your documents.

If you have not decided yet about your Signature, you need to practice creating the signature on the paper manually and decide what would be better for you to use in the future. In this way, you are good to create an e-signature that would never make any issues online for verification when signing on the documents. If you have already decided on your signature and used it on the ID card and other important documents, then you are good to make an e-signature.

With the help of a scanner app on your smartphone or a scanner, you can easily transform the written signature into an image. All you need is a blank paper where you can write the signature and then scans it. You can also make your signature more defined by using various contrast and brightness.

A signature is a way of defining you as a person who can create a National identity card, Sign on various Legal documents, and for major other purposes. Without having a Signature, the majority of your daily life tasks would remain undone. So, it makes the use of signatures as important as possible these days.
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