Our visitors Protection on this platform is the ultimate task and job that we will never ignore for any reasons. In general, is a Signature Creation tool platform that allows anyone to create their online or e-signature and uses it for various agreements ordocuments. After you become a regular visitor of this tool platform, there are certain practices and rules that we will mention below and you have to obey them.

What Information Do We Collect?

IP Address, Location, and some other information would be asked to you upon your acceptance to provide us for better services and experiences on our platform. These information are acquired for the purpose of the Google Advertisements that we tends to use in the future for earning purpose. Since, we don't ask a single penny from you over using the features, we contains the rights to earn money from advertisements. As we acquired it for Google advertisements, it will help Google to use the personal information and show you relevant product or services suggestions. Also, Google is reliable and multi-national company, so your data will never be used for the negative purposes.

How Do We Use Your Personal Information?

As said earlier, we used your personal information for the purpose of showing you the Relevant product and services through advertisements on our platform. Also, these personal information are gathered only for the Advertisers whose advertisements are used by us on our platform. There is nothing else we do with the Personal information. In fact, we don't allow our co-workers or third-party apps to use the personal information. So, your personal information will remain safe from every aspect.

What Are Your Responsibilities?

Since we have maintained some strict policies to keep your visit secure on the platform, we also demands some responsibilities from your side. Any negative activity over this platform for whatever purpose will easily tackle and the action will take by us against the person. So, you should better use the platform in the ethical way. Also, there are some international laws and regulations over website usage as a visitor, so you have to maintain those laws and regulations when using the platform. Nothing will be ignored by our side, and we can restrict your entrance on the platform.

How Do We Secure Your Visit on Our Website?

We have invested in Cutting-edge technologies and experts who are supposed to provide a secure environment for the visitor. None of the activity can be hacked or reviewed by a third-party app or our own team members of a visitor. On top of that, we are using an SSL certificate for the platform that is supposed to provide a sense of relief in making the website encrypted for visitor's sessions on the platform. So, you don't have to worry about security.

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